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In a world in which resurrection is organically possible, a widow attempts to unravel the conspiracy that got her husband killed while hoping for his return from death.

Into the Floe is written along the lines of shows such as Black Mirror, Severance, and Westworld. The pilot story opens with a young research scientist murdered during an elite hunting trip. His widow must unravel a trail of secrets, unearthing a catastrophic conspiracy at the hands of an unhinged Pharma CEO who's keeping the world addicted. To stop the CEO they must miraculously resurrect the scientist from the dead using a revolutionary secret technology before the secrets are silenced forever.


An episodic true crime horror series about a rookie detective who desperately must connect the murders of twenty-eight people brutally slain in Santa Cruz, CA in the 1970s to a mass murderer and two serial killers before the psychic visions of his 12-year-old daughter target her as the killer’s next victim. Sacred + Profane is written along the lines of shows such as “Mindhunter” and feature films like "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." 

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